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Guys, can we please quit devaluing creative works? Seriously!

It seems to be an industry-wide problem that just keeps getting bigger.

I recently discovered an incredibly talented designer who made this.

It’s beautiful!

But then I saw the title text “$25000 worth of goods for $99.”

While I realize this is just a mockup, even these sample works may be perpetuating the idea that the crafts that take us many years to master, are nearly worthless.

Can you buy a car for $99? No!

The best designs also give you a return on your investment, whereas cars lose value over time. So it’s actually a bigger problem than I described above.

This mockup certainly seems to imply that work worth more than a decent car is worth less than a meal or two at a nice restaurant.

The Reality

Something we face as developers and designers is the rest of the world often doesn’t know how much time was actually put into these works.

And when we spend the most precious and limited resource of our lives — time — we never get it back.

The truth is, it often takes weeks or months to complete one really good piece.

I really want to see more of these talented people succeed and stick around longer. Let’s start making our awesome designs worth the time and effort we put into them, shall we?

After all, it’s the ones who push the boundaries that propel all of us forward.

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