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Hi everyone! I haven’t disappeared. Just went on a backpacking trip all around India and the Middle East.

This was basically a big visa run for the Philippines. I’ll try to explain why I went on this trip.

Before I moved to the Philippines, I didn’t really understand how the visa system here worked, so I booked several international flights on the once-a-year Cebu Pacific “One Peso” airfare sale.

That’s practically free! 😍

Anyway, my last flight booked was for Bangkok, Thailand in March. And my Philippine visa expired just days before Christmas.

As a United States passport holder, I am automatically granted 30 days visa free in the Philippines.

Unfortunately, this meant there was a several-day gap between my visa expiration and my flight to Bangkok that I needed to do something about.

This left me with a few options:

My Decision

Shortly after I understood my options, I found a really good flight deal from Manila, Philippines to Chennai, India for less than $100 US Dollars / ₽5,000 Pesos. Most of the time I’ve seen these flights, it was around 4× the cost.

When I saw that flight on the exact date I needed, I booked it right then and there. It was very spontaneous.

I had no plans, no itinerary, and almost no expectations, other than knowing I wanted to try all the food I could. I mean, just look at this food!

95% of the food I ate was incredibly delicious and even cheaper.

Mandatory #selfie at the Taj Mahal
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